Saluran Pembayaran Bill TM Unifi Secara Online dan Offline

Paying your bill is very easy as there are various payment channels for you to choose from:

  2. myunifi via mobile app
  3. SMS link in monthly bill notification from 62100
Current/Saving Account, Debit/Credit Card

How to pay via SMS Link


JomPAY via internet banking Ref – 1: Account number

Biller Code: 8888(unifi)

Biller Code: 2345 (Streamyx and telephony) Visit

  2. myunifi app
  3. TM100 Call Center
Debit or Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard)


Boost App

Touch ‘n Go App



eWallet credit (visit

eWallet credit (visit

eWallet credit (visit

eWallet credit (visit

TM Authorized Dealer (TAD) Cash, Debit/Credit Card or Cheque (view location)


POS Malaysia Cash (View location)
Ejen Bank Berdaftar BSN (EBB) Cash (view location)
Epay Cash (view location) ​
ONEPAY (M1) Cash (view location)
7-Eleven Cash (view location)
99 Speedmart Cash (view location)
KK Mart Cash  (view location – KL)

Cash  (view location – Selangor)

Cash  (view location – Other state)

myNEWS Cash (view location)
Kiosk and ATM
TMpoint Cash, Debit/Credit Card or Cheque (view location)
PayQuik Cash (view location)
JomPAY via ATM Debit Card (visit

For hassle free payment transactions, it is recommended for you to subscribe TM Autopay service. Please note that Advance Payment for your unifi Home can be made at all payment channels listed above except 7-Eleven.

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